JWN Foundation

For decades, J. Wray & Nephew Limited built a commendable record for giving back to its people and its community, however in 2016 the Company heightened the philanthropic efforts of the formation of the JWN Foundation.

JWNF is driven by the mission of ‘Transforming lives and communities for a Better Jamaica’   the Foundation  has three pillars -  education, culture and social inclusion.

The work done by JWN Foundation is primarily carried out in communities located in proximity to where the company operates – Waterhouse and Seaview Gardens in Kingston, New Yarmouth in Clarendon and Holland and Appleton in St. Elizabeth.

Education has been on the forefront of the activities being carried out by the JWNF. This has resulted in the revamping of the Company’s scholarship programme that will see annual scholarships to the communities moving from 25 to over 200 over a five-year period and in so doing afford more students access to education.

The JWNF has also spearheaded a number of seminal programmes in 2017 including

  • Train-boree, a post GSAT reward programme that took nearly 200 students on their very first  train ride 
  • An Empowerment Tour with Alicia ‘Slick’ Ashley, five time world champion Jamaican female boxer
  • “Expression through the Arts” Series with a Musical Jam session with world famous percussionist Jodi Linscott
  • the inaugural Fundraiser captioned ‘Protecting our Children’
  • the expansion of the highly anticipated Annual Christmas Treat to Clarendon

JWN Foundation is moving to fulfil its mandate under the Charities Act to give back to the wider Jamaica.

Last updated Jun 21 2019