Corporate Social Responsibility

J. Wray & Nephew Limited places great emphasis on the quality of our brands and makes investments to ensure the maintenance of the high product standards that have become a hallmark of the Company.

It is this same standard of consideration and level of responsiveness that is applied to stakeholders that support and contribute to the company’s success.  It is a part of JWN’s strategic objectives to reciprocate the support of our people, consumers and customers. This support is offered through donations of cash and kind to persons who demonstrate a need or who desire to make a change in their own communities in keeping with our policy.

The Company is also proactive about the responsible marketing and promotion of our brands. All Camparistas in the marketing, sales and public relations departments subscribe to the Campari Group’s Code of Commercial Communications.

J. Wray & Nephew Ltd. ensures that all our communication includes the responsible drinking statement ‘Must be 18 and older to drink. Please Drink Responsibly’ and all our customers are educated about the importance of selling alcoholic beverages only to persons over the legal drinking age.

The Company then promotes the responsible use and consumption of our products by those persons who have attained the legal drinking age. Through our JWN Academy, bartenders, employees of J. Wray and Nephew and members of the public are exposed to responsible serving techniques.

Last updated Jun 26 2018