Clement ‘Jimmy’ Lawrence – Chairman

jimmy-lawrence.jpgClement ‘Jimmy’ Lawrence appointed Chairman of the Board on February 26, 2016, continues to empower and astutely guide J. Wray & Nephew Limited with his vast experience and exemplary leadership skills.

Lawrence joined the J. Wray & Nephew family in 1995, then under the former parent body, Lascelles de Mercado Group. Over time, he served in leadership positions at a wide number of subsidiaries, primarily as General Manager at Federated Pharmaceuticals, Plastic Containers Limited, Lascelles Distribution and Lascelles Wines and Spirits. He was also Chief Operating Officer, J. Wray & Nephew Kingston Operations and Managing Director, J. Wray & Nephew Limited.

His in-depth knowledge of Campari Group’s operations in the region, as well as the function of different elements within the group were key factors in the transition of ownership and culture.

Having already racked up over two decades of service, the well experienced Lawrence is now fully devoted to managing the operations of J. Wray & Nephew Limited and Campari Group in Jamaica.

Last updated Jun 26 2018